What is Advertising Media

What is Advertising Media 2022?


What is Advertising Media and what are the benefits in 2021?

So you want to know what Advertising Media is? Advertising media refers to the various channels that you can advertise through. This can be video, written, online, social media related, radio and more. Any medium that you can promote your business, organisation through would be considered advertising media. These methods can digital or traditional marketing methods.

Advertising Media

Benefits of Advertising media

If you pwn a business and have the best product or service but nobody knows about it, then you have a big issue and your business may not be sustainable. Using advertising media to help you build your brand and drive sales is invaluable. From radio ads to social media ads, you need to find out what type of advertising media will benefit and grow your business.

Types of advertising media

Advertising media is a significant space in business and advertising. With the progression of time, there have been a few manners by which promotions are being exhibited and can be discussed to clients. There are various sorts of advertising media present. Contingent on different boundaries like financial plan, reach, client inclinations and so forth organizations can pick the necessary advertising media and help support their image. The absolute most significant kinds of advertising media are:


Television isn’t as popular as it used to be while in the 80s and 90s getting a tv spot during the break of a popular show could increase the brand of a business. for example the popularity of Dominoes through the sponsorship by The Simpsons when that was at its peak. Today it’s still popular for toy companies to buy TV advertising on children’s channels but overall it’s becoming a less popular advertising media platform. 


Radio has also been a very popular form of advertising media and before television would have been one of the most popular advertising media platforms to advertise a business. This platform is good if your business has a demographic of an older generation and its best to have your ads to run in the morning or during rush hour as you may also be able to target people going to work and coming home. 


Word of mouth and print are the earliest types of advertising from magazines to newspapers. Getting your ad in the business listing of a local newspaper to being in the Golden Pages so people could find your business. A lot of this is digitized with ebooks, articles, newsletters and online magazines. 

Online Media

Online media includes the likes of Youtube videos, news articles, social media advertising and any varation of advertising online. Online marketing is the most popular and effective way of advertising any business. From Google Search ads to ad placement on popular podcasts, there is an abundance of different forms of digital online advertising. 

Outside Media

Outside media is forms of advertising which are found outside from extravagent things like hot air baloons, airplane sky messages, to bus or bench advertisements or even billboards. This form of advertisement is anything a consumer would see while not at home. 


Now a days people carry a powerful computer in their pockets that allows them to do anything a laptop or pc could do and more. More people are using the internet with their mobiles than other devices as of 2021. Text marketing or text reminders is still a viable option for some busineeses but businesses that have physical locations that can be searched with Google Maps see the most benefits from mobile users who may be using Google Maps to search local services or offerings. 


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