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We are an SEO Agency that specializes in SEO Services. We rank small to medium-sized business on Google and other search engines. We help business drive traffic to their website by implementing comprehensive SEO strategies. 

We offer SEO Services for all types of businesses and industries. SEO is one of the best long term strategies you can have for your business, bringing in relevent traffic to your websites by optimizing your websites content for the search engine.

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Are you looking for SEO Services in Ireland to help grow your websites traffic, grow leads and sales? We are an award winning marketing agency in Ireland who help businesses grow through the power of search. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website or content for the search engines so it can be found by your target market who are searching for terms within your industry. Do you want your website to be found on Google for various keywords within your industry ort to improve your Google rankings so you can increase traffic to your website through search

What Can SEO Do For Your Business?

Irish SEO
  • Drive more Customers: Optimizing your website for SEO will make it easier for potential customers to find your business, service or products which can increase traffic and bring in customers.
  •  Increase your Online Presence and Authority: Our SEO Agency will make it easier for people to find your business online so you become an authority for your niche, in your area online. 

How Long Does SEO take?

SEO Services in Dublin
  • SEO is a long term strategy: It may take months to see significant results especially for newer websites. But the results are long-lasting unlike other forms of digital marketing which have a life span of 24 hours. Your results could potentially last for years.  With local businesses, the results are a lot faster with less competition and Google My Business listings ranking very quickly. 
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We are an SEO Services provider in Ireland with a decade of experience in Ireland with a passion for SEO. and have worked with some of Ireland’s biggest brands and organizations. We have helped some businesses triple their sales and leads by implementing a powerful SEO strategy that targeted keywords that their key audience was searching. Bringing them to our client’s website time and time again for questions asked in their niche.

Ranking your website on search engines like Google is very important to drive organic traffic for a business. The more targeted the keywords you rank well for, the more sales and leads you will bring to your business. For a free SEO, consultation get in touch with Brandigital today so we can begin the journey to growing your traffic and increasing your leads and sales. 

SEO Case Study

Below is a graph of one of our clients who are in the car insurance niche who were bringing in minimal traffuc to their and within a year we were able to bring them from 50 visitors a month to over 1,600 visitors over a month.  We were able to do this by incorporating the following.

  • Optimising existing on page content, SEO titles and meta descriptions. 
  • Implementing an interlinking strategy. 
  • Fixing Technical SEO issues and improviding website speed. 
  • Writing monthly blogs to rank for new keywords.
  • Writing guest posts in order to obtain backlinks.
SEO Case Study
SEO in Dublin

What do our SEO Services include?

Our Dublin SEO agency offers SEO services such as On-Page, Off-Page, and Local SEO for Irish businesses and we work with local, national, and international businesses. On-Page SEO is optimizations made on a web page or post. Optimizing this gets you in the race for the desired keywords you are trying to rank for. Off-Page SEO is the process of using platforms outside of your website to help your rankings. These are actions such as backlink building, web 2.0s or Business Citations. Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website or Google My Business account to rank in a location for a city or country which will drive more local targeted traffic. 

On Page SEO

Keyword Research

Optimizing Titles

Compressing Images

Meta Description Optimization

Website Speed Optimization

Content Optimization

Duplicate Content Analysis

Internal Linking Strategy

Site Map Set-Up

Schema Markup

Off Page SEO

Detailed SEO Strategy

Link Building Outreach


Press Releases


Web Directories Listings

Web 2.0s

Social Signals

Guest Posting

and more

Local SEO Ireland

Google My Business Set-Up

GMB Optimization

Updating GMB Regularly

Geo Tagged Images 

Updating of Services

Opening Times

Local SEO Website Optimization

Local Service Pages

Call to Actions for Customer Reviews

Local Schema Mark up

How Much Does Our SEO Services Cost?

Starter SEO

For websites with less than 10 oages.
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite SEO
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Blog Posts

Standard SEO

For eCommerce or bigger stand websites
99 Plus
  • SEO Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Backlink Building

Local SEO

Google My Business Optimization
  • Google My Business Set up
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Website Citations
  • Local SEO Website Optimization
  • Service Pages Creation

Corporate SEO

Enter your description
999.99 Monthly
  • Full Package
  • Guest Posts
  • Competitive keyword rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the pages of a website to increase its visibility of a website in the search engine. So when someone searches for something related to your business, you can drive a lot of traffic than can lead to sales if your website ranks for targeted keywords. You can optimize your website by doing keyword research and identifying what search terms your potential customers are searching for, creating SEO optimized content that is more researched and in more detail than your competitors content. Then you want to build a strategy to get backlinks (links from other websites which are relevant to your business) that will help you rank your website’s keywords. Then the final part is technical SEO which is making sure your website is loading fast and any technical errors that may affect your website’s SEO are fixed. 

The benefit of hiring an SEO company such as Brandigital is that we have over a decade of experience in SEO. Growing traffic, sales, and leads for some of Ireland’s top brands and businesses. We have a refined strategy that we have built over many years that helps businesses increase their keyword rankings month by month even in competitive niches and industries. 

White hat SEO is a form of SEO strategy that is considered to be by the book and ethical in terms of Google and other search engine guidelines. Actions performed in this type of strategy may not bring in short-term wins but will prevent your website from being penalized compared to using a Grey or Black Hat strategy. White Hat SEO involves a basic SEO strategy of Keyword Research, On Page SEO Optimization, Writing Great Content, and an Ethical Backlink Strategy. Black Hat SEO involves using growth hacks, exploitations, and tactics that can artificially inflate ranking positions. Techniques like this include, manipulating website click-through rates with tools or software, building PBN’s websites to build website authority fast, using tools to drive fake relevant organic traffic or buying backlinks in bulk. At Brandigital, we offer only the best white hat SEO than brings results.

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